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Paints & Mediums

Paints & Mediums

Createx Airbrush Colors

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Createx Airbrush Colors are designed for permanent results with a soft-hand feel on fabrics. Colors cure with the assistance of heat after drying. Createx are made with exterior-grade (automotive) pigments allowing them to withstand prolonged exposure to direct, outdoor light without fading. For maximum permanence, a top-coat should be applied over the paint after curing.

Contact us for color availability.

2 oz paint $5.85
4 oz paint $9.95
8 oz matte or gloss top coat $ 11.95
2 oz matte or gloss top coat $ 4.95
4 oz Transparent Base $ 7.45
4 oz Illustration Base $ 7.45

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6 Color Airbrush Body Paint Set

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Iwata Temporary Tattoo Paints PG2

Professional, highly realistic “tattoo” look used in Hollywood for over 15 years, now available for salon use..
Choose a tattoo design and color scheme.
Apply the tattoo to skin with alcohol pad. Once dry, hand-paint on the colors.
Dust with finishing powder and WHAMMO, you’re ready and so is your attitude!
Lasts for days! Easily applied and removed.
Achieve professional results with high profits the fun, safe and easy way!
Includes Yellow, Red, Henna Brown, Blue, Green and Black.

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